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Literatur zu LL Antikoagulantien

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Christian Berger (BDIZ EDI)
Matthias Burwinkel (DGI)
Harald Darius (DGK)
Monika Daubländer (IAZA)
Michael Frank (BZÄK, KZBV)
Ti-Sun Kim (DG PARO)
Paulus Kirchhof (DGK)
Jonas Lorenz (DGÄZ)
Armin Mainz (DEGAM)
Norbert Mrochen (BDO)
Emeka Nkenke (AGKi)
Robert Sader (DGÄZ)
Christoph Schindler (AKZ)
Martin Ullner (BDO)
Hans-Otto Wagner (DEGAM)
Thomas Wolf (FVDZ)

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