06.10.2023 08:00 - 17:00 Uhr


Biological and pharmacological factors for success in implantology.
Nowadays, there is a considerable evidence about Platelet Rich Fibrin PRF. PRF is used in regenerative dentistry and in soft tissue management.

1. This course will present all the improvements of the PRF concept: Advanced PRF and Injectable PRF. The improvement is made through the Low Speed Centrifugation Concept. In order to increase the cell content, the growth factors release and the stem cells release. Obviously, The new protocols are showing better results with the use of A-PRF & i-PRF.*
2. Presentation of the new protocol A-PRF liquid in order to produce easily the “sticky bone”.
3. This course will present all the conditions to achieve better results and long term stability through the biological status of the patient: Vit. D and Cholesterol.
4. The surgical skills have to be updated in order to achieve a better angiogenesis and maintenance of blood supply as:
• The Soft Brushing technique: How to extend the flap without periosteal incision
• The new techniques of suturing
• The management of the pressure on the bone
• The reduction of stress on bone grafts
• The vascular protection of the flap

• Platelet Rich Fibrin PRF:
Concept, preparation, protocol
• Evolution of PRF protocols in the last 20 years:
PRF solid & PRF liquid
• Mechanism of action: PRF on soft tissue and bone
• Last innovations 2020- 2021:
Pompac – PomCol – PomSwing
• Indications: How to use PRF in different indications
• PRF handling in each indication
• Sticky Bone 4.0: The new protocol producing sticky Bone in few seconds
• Failures: How PRF becomes non efficient?
• Osteoimmunology and oxidative stress:
– The mechanisms of failures in oral surgery
– Role of Vit. D and antioxidants on the immune system
– Influence of immune system on angiogenesis and wound healing
Full demo of the last protocols & sticky Bone

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