Assisted Intelligence in Digital Dentistry

DEXIS imaging and software products leverage AI technology to make digital workflows more efficient and patient outcomes more successful.

Dental equipment has evolved quite a bit in recent years, with enhancements that improve both efficiency and accuracy. Today, such enhancements are taking us ever closer to smart technology—and many dental users may not even realize it’s happening. Updates to mainstay products like sensors, for example, are leveraging AI to create more efficient workflows. Take the latest DEXIS intraoral sensor, DEXIS Titanium. This sensor was designed with a variety of smart features built in to create a better user experience. DEXIS Titanium now boasts a new monitoring system that enhances sensor health, for example, keeping practices running smoothly and minimizing downtime. How? You can now diagnose your sensor remotely to ensure it’s performing optimally. Eventually, sensor function and data analytics will be available in real time, with owners receiving alerts when anomalies are discovered. That means you can address any possible issues early, minimizing the impact on your practice. CBCT technology is another area that keeps advancing. For example, through its ORTHOfocus feature, the DEXIS ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPHTM OP 3D CBCT imaging system can automatically obtain optimum image layer, even forgiving patient positioning. Automatic dose technology is a smart feature designed to keep patients safe. It ensures they only receive the necessary dose during a scan, reducing their exposure. Other features include MAR reduction, a GUI that automatically selects the appropriate FOV based on anatomy/clinician’s choice, and 36 FOV options based on the actual image area—all made possible by AI. The DEXIS IS 3800W intraoral scanner has its share of smart features as well, including smart shade, margin line selection, and teeth segmentation. These enhancements not only improve efficiency, saving time, they help achieve better results.

The equipment you use on a daily basis just keeps getting better, and AI is playing a huge role in that progression. Investing in products like these will improve workflows and lead to optimal outcomes for your patients. But to get the best out of the images you’re now able to so seamlessly gather, you need a robust all-in-one imaging management solution like DTX Studio Clinic.

The DTX Studio Clinic Advantage

While dental equipment is evolving to include smart features that improve both practice efficiencies and patient outcomes, it’s imaging software like DTX Studio Clinic that brings it all together. Every image, whether 2D, 3D, clinical photography, or intraoral scans, is housed in this solution. Any technology you buy comes with its own software, but it can be cumbersome to switch back and forth to get what you need from each one. This solution ties everything together, making it accessible via a single, intuitive software.

And, of course, it has many smart features of its own. The open platform uses assisted intelligence to simplify patient visits and improve clinical confidence. DTX Studio Clinic makes it easy to integrate digital diagnostic and treatment planning processes into the workflow, from image collection to treatment planning to delivery. Dentists can use the software to boost patient education and ultimately case acceptance. Presentations become more robust, with patients able to see all the relevant images on the screen in front of them as you go over the treatment plan. They leave with a much better understanding of their condition and why you’re recommending treatment, making them more likely to move forward.

Improving Communication

The intuitive software also enhances communication between dentists and their team members. For example, it’s easy to sync data across rooms. DTX Studio Core manages the image library in a central storage server that’s located in the practice and connected within the local office network. All team members have quick, easy access to the same information throughout the whole practice. QuickPrescribe allows clinicians to delegate routine imaging workflows digitally, standardizing image acquisition to improve efficiency and ensure everyone remains on the same page. Scan Request takes that further by automating tasks and scan assignments. Such features make communication with team members seamless, enabling the practice to operate more efficiently.

An Enhanced Workflow

With DTX Studio Clinic, AI is present throughout the workflow and serves as a digital assistant. Through MagicSort, for example, the software numbers and orders intraoral images. Images are then correctly orientated and placed into the relevant position in your selected radiographic mounts, eliminating a task once handled manually. SmartFocus, one of Dr. Silverman’s favorite features, instantly brings up the entire 2D and 3D imaging history of the tooth on the screen; all you have to do is click on the tooth. Another feature, SmartFusion, combines surface models from intraoral and desktop scanners with any CBCT scan via proprietary voxel-based algorithms, providing clinicians with an accurate 3D view of surface details and the underlying anatomy. The software also automatically tracks mandibular nerve canals, removing manual labor and uncertainty for the clinician.

Putting It All Together

Clinicians must collect a great deal of data for each patient to make an accurate diagnosis and create a treatment plan. Because everything lives in one place with DTX Studio Clinic, the information is both easier to find and to digest, enabling better clinical decision making. Having this information so readily accessible empowers both providers and patients to make the best decisions, leading to more accepted treatment and better outcomes. And it’s all made possible with the help of assisted intelligence. Essentially, the software simplifies the clinician’s interaction with patient scans and images, providing more time to focus on what matters most during each appointment: the patient. “I call it almost like a clearinghouse for all the information,” Dr. Silverman said. “It combines everything from the intraoral scans to the basic dental images as well as the extra dental images for an advanced digital workflow, all in one area.”


and read up on many features DTX Studio Ckinic has to offer or speak to your local DEXIS representative to find out more and book a demo.

Note:This article originally appeared in Dental Product Shopper and has been slightly adjusted for the requirements of the ZM Newsletter.

DEXIS imaging and software products leverage AI technology to make digital workflows more efficient and patient outcomes more successful.

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